Bericht aus Nepal – über die Arbeit von Franz Bachinger

Ein lokaler Bericht über die Arbeit unseres erfolgreichen OÖ Naturheiltherapeuten Franz Bachinger



Understanding Healing Power

Today I would like to share my experience of being healed by the human energy i.e. the practice of Healing by Mr. Franz Bachinger. Being a member of Sunrise Nepal I have never imagined How Healing work, How the energy of right hand and left hand work, How we can be healed with unique spiritual healing method. I just understand that we need to be compassionate and cooperative in order to help others in need. Truly I had no clear concept about Spiritual Healing Method. But my knowledge came to enlightenment when I experienced it myself. I had a little story from my experience in below lines.

It was 20th of August, when suddenly I started to have pain in my left lower abdominal. It was almost bed time around 10 and I thought going hospital is little hectic at this hour. I had a thought to talk to Franz about my pain because he is always available there for us. I have seen him treating people when he is in Nepal. I  texted him in Whatsapp mentioning about my pain and instantly he replied to me. He told me to localize the correct point of my pain. He told me to concentrate on my right kidney putting my right hand upon it. After sometime he told me to move downwards to the gall bladder and I did the same. I asked him if I need to go to the hospital. But he said “watch the situation but I think it is curable by our combined efforts”. This time I was really into it because of my pain, I don’t remember if my pain was immediately healed. Slowly my pain was bearable and I could sleep. In the morning my pain was gone then immediately I texted Franz again informing him about my situation. I realized self-healing is possible, spiritual healing method is reliable according to the health situation. Only thing is we need to focus on ownself or to some person with a huge heart of compassion like Franz. I would say connection with Franz is important in the process.

Thus believing is necessary along with practicing it. I would suggest the healers team of Himalayan Happy children Academy to practice it more, learn to combined your efforts with the center power (Franz) and try to recognize your healing power.

PS. I also went recently to the hospital for diagnosis but no any negative reports just provided vitamins supplement.

Reported By

Tshering Doma Rai


Sunrise Nepal



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